How to Dropship Free Online and Make Money

by Contributor

What's Dropshipping? If you want to start a business online and sell goods, you have a good idea. Selling goods without keeping the inventory, is a better idea! If you would like to start an online store and sell products that you don't have to maintain, then you want to dropship. Dropshipping is where you sell merchandise without maintaining the products.

First you need to decide where you are going to sell the merchandise from. You can sell merchandise from eBay or from your own online store. You can find several places that will help you build an online store to house all of your products.

Now you will need to find a dropshipper. There are several, if not hundreds, of dropshippers on the internet. You let them keep the inventory, you sell the merchandise, and they ship it from their location with your given address on it. Everything appears as if you sold it and sent it straight from your warehouse.

Set up a Paypal account. You can have funds transfered to your Paypal account, or you can set up other means of payment, depending on where you're selling products from.

After you have made enough transactions, you can decide which products are actually selling and dedicate your site to those kinds of products. This will increase your profitability.


  • close Research dropshippers before using them. You will be quick to find a scam once in a while.

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