How to Download a Unix Operating System

by D. Wright

Unix's operating system, unlike Microsoft's Windows and Apple's OS, has many variations. It is referred to as an "open source operating system," meaning that anyone can view the code of the operating system itself and make changes to the operating system. As a result, many high-quality operating systems exist from which to select and download.


Open your browser and go to the Unix Networks website (see Resources).


Click on any variation of the Unix operating system in the list; this will take you to the official website of that operating system. Some of these programs are based on the Linux operating system, which in turn is based on the Unix operating system. Therefore, if you do not want a Linux type of operating system and would rather have a strict Unix OS, download any of the Unix-based operating systems.


Click the link on the website to download the operating system. These types of links vary---some links allow you to download the OS via an FTP site while others allow you to download a DVD image. The type of installation file you click does not matter as you will be downloading the operating system.

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