How to Download Opera

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As one of the pioneering Web browsers, Opera has proven it can stand the test of time despite the many competing programs. The Opera browser serves up cutting-edge software that is compliant with the latest in Web design standards and full of security features to ensure safer Web browsing.

Type the Opera Web site URL (see Resources below) into your current Web browser's address bar.

Find the download link at the top of the Web page in the form of a green button with 'Download Opera' written across the link. Click it once.

Watch for your download manager box to open showing you the status of the download process. Depending on your system, Internet connection and computer the length of download time may vary. It should take no more than a few minutes over a DSL connection, however.

Click on 'Agree' once you've read the terms. A new box with the Opera icon will open with directions on how to install the software. Simply drag and drop the Opera icon onto the Applications folder and the software will be ready for use within the Applications folder.

Restart your computer if required.


  • check Make certain your machine meets the minimum system requirements for downloading Opera. Owners of a Windows-based system must have 20 MB of free disk space and Windows 95 or higher. Mac users need to be running OS X Jaguar (10.2) or higher. Those running a Linux system must have the Standard C++ Library and an X11R6.3+ implementation.
  • check Find tutorials about how to use the Opera browser within the Opera Support section of their Web site (see Resources below).
  • check The Opera browser is full of security features including fraud protection technology, which helps prevents Web sites from trying to glean your personal information. In addition, you can configure Opera to delete your private data when you leave a Web site by enabling it to erase where you have visited online.
  • check The Opera browser is free to download and use.


  • close These steps apply only to the latest version of Opera, 9.10. Using most or a few of these steps to download an older version of Opera may not work.

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