How to Download OpenOffice

by Contributor is a software suite of office tools offered for free download by Sun Microsystems, Inc. It contains powerful spreadsheet, database, word processing, presentation and graphic elements that can convert files from other office software programs.

Visit (see Resources below). Choose "Download" from the top menu bar.

Check system requirements to ensure your system is compatible. There are selections for various operating systems. Choose "Download" on the Download Central page.

Select your operating system and choose "Continue."

Click "Run" in the next two dialog boxes that open.

Choose "Next" in the "Thank You" dialog box that then opens.

Browse to the destination folder where you want to install software and click "Unpack." Immediately the Installation Wizard dialog box will open, and you'll click "Next."

Read and accept the license agreement. Print it out and click "Next."

Enter your customer information in the following box or leave it blank, and then click "Next."

Opt for either a complete or custom setup by clicking the appropriate radio button. Click "Next."

Set the file types that you want to default to OpenOffice for opening by marking the appropriate check boxes and click "Next."

Finish by clicking the "Install" button in the next dialog box that opens, and then choose "Finish" to complete the download.

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