How to Download Oovoo on Ubunto Software

by Ruri Ranbe

OoVoo is a instant messaging, voice and video chat application that is designed for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Although OoVoo doesn't have a release that is compatible with Ubuntu Linux you can install and run OoVoo from within Wine, a program that allows Ubuntu to interpret code from Windows software. You can download Oovoo for Windows from Ubuntu, then load the application into the OS through Wine.


Select "Applications" from the task bar. Go to "Ubuntu Software Center," click "Edit," then click "Software Sources."


Input your password, then press "Enter." Go to the "Other Software" tab and click "Add."


Type "ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa," then click "Add Source" to implement the repository. Click "Close."


Type "wine" into the search field on the "Get Software" tab. Click "Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer," then click "Install." Repeat the same steps for "Winetricks."


Navigate to the OoVoo website. Click "Download Now" to download OoVoo on Ubuntu. If a message appears warning you that the file isn't compatible with your OS, click "OK."


Save the file to the hard drive. Click "Places," then click "Downloads." Right-click "OoVooSetup.exe" and select "Permissions."


Check the box to the right of "Execute," then click "OK." Right-click the file again, then select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader" to run the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install OoVoo to Ubuntu.


  • close Depending on which version of Wine or Ubuntu you are running, certain hardware, like the webcam and microphone, and certain features, like voice chat or video chat, might not work in OoVoo, since Wine may have difficulty translating the software instructions from OoVoo into code that Ubuntu can interpret.

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