How to Download a Free Movie Editor With Special Effects

by Erick Kristian

Many video editing programs with special effects tools exist. The more comprehensive programs can be expensive, but even these offer free trials of their software. Special effects software can range from very simple (basic color correction) to extremely advanced (CGI imaging.) Most users will require a tutorial before they are able to successfully use more advanced effects. Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Sony Vegas all offer degrees of special effects capabilities, and each of these software programs is available to download for a free trial.

Visit Adobe's website to download the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It is primarily a video editing program geared for editing longer clips, and it also offers numerous special effects, although considered basic when compared to programs like After Effects.

Visit Sony Creative Software's website to download the latest version of Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas is very similar to Premiere Pro in that its main function is video editing. The program is free to download as a trial. Vegas offers fewer special effects than Premiere Pro, but it is a "lighter" program, requiring fewer system resources to operate.

Visit Adobe's website to download Adobe After Effects. It primarily offers different types of audio and video effects. Maximizing the use of the program is not easy since After Effects is quite comprehensive. Users are encouraged to download tutorials and read up on program functionality. Many commercials, music videos, TV shows and even films use After Effects to help create seamless effects.

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