How to Download Linux Software

by Ann Mapleridge

Linux is an operating system developed by a community of programmers rather than a single company. The OS works on everything from powerful desktop computers to tiny portable netbooks and is completely free to use and share as you want. Linux comes preinstalled on several lower-end computers, and copies are available on CD for a nominal fee from a variety of online retailers. If you want Linux now, you can simply download it directly onto your computer for free in just a few simple steps.


Go to the Linux webpage (


Click on the button marked "Desktop Edition" to download Linux for your personal computer.


On the sidebar, click the button marked "Get Ubuntu."


Click the button marked "Download Now."


Choose the latest desktop version of the program and click "Download Now." When a pop up appears, click "Save File" and begin your download.


  • check Be sure to read all the instructions (and print them out if possible) before trying to install Linux on your computer.

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