How to Download iGrafx Viewer Free

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How to Download iGrafx Viewer Free. The iGrafx Viewer permits printing and viewing of all iGrafx documents. While iGrafx allows the user to view documents, the Viewer software does not allow the user to save or edit iGrafix documents. The Viewer is designed for read-only functionality. The iGrafx Process Central repositories can also be retrieved and interpreted utilizing the Viewer. Download your iGrafx Viewer free today.


Go to the official iGrafx website and locate iGrafx resource links on the left side of the page (see Resources below).


Click on the "Resource Center" link to view all sources available on products and software information.


Examine the Resource Center for a library of information about the iGrafx products.


Click the "Free iGrafx Viewer" link, located under "Product Specific Links."


Review the product information and customer software downloads that are available. The Download Center allows customers with acquired licenses to retrieve their iGrafx software automatically.


Locate download information and click on the "iGrafx Viewer 2007" link. Review the online application to register and download the iGrafx Viewer for free. Also benefit from infinite admittance to trial software downloads, user tutorials, seminars and case reviews. If you obtain a purchased license, you can receive free software updates.


Fill in all required fields with personal information to register and download your free iGrafx Viewer. Once all information is filled out, click the "Register and Download" button at the bottom of the form.


Activate your account with the retrieved information from your email.


Access the download option and follow the download steps to download iGrafx Viewer.

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