How to Download GPS Software

by Joleene DesRosiers Moody

Global Positioning Systems are satellites that send signals to navigational units in cars or handheld devices to help people find their way by means of electronic maps. GPS navigation units are being utilized more as the electronic devices become more affordable. Roughly 24 orbit satellites are operated by the U.S. Air Force that transmit data to ground devices with approximate location and time. You can download free GPS software onto your computer or handheld device from the Internet.


Log onto


Click on the type of computer or handheld device you want to download the software to. A new screen will appear.


Click on a link from the various types of free GPS software offered. A new window will open bringing you to the related software site.


Choose the “Download” or “Free download” prompt. Each site has different prompts. Be sure to choose the prompt that downloads the free version of the software.


Click the “OK” prompt in the small window that pops up.

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