How to Download an Ethernet Controller Driver

by Greyson Ferguson

When using an Ethernet controller device, such as an Ethernet-based modem or other hardware, your computer needs a driver installed in order to completely detect and understand how the hardware works. Although this is usually provided on an installation CD, it is possible to download the driver directly from the Internet and install it, without ever using the driver installation CD.


Open your Internet browser and navigate to Ethernet controller's manufacturing website.


Choose the "Support" feature, then click "Downloads and Drivers."


Enter in the model type and number of your Ethernet controller device, then select the operating system running on your computer. The model type is listed both in the Ethernet controller's user manual, and on the bottom of the device.


Click the driver listed and it downloads directly to your computer. Double-click the downloaded file once the download is complete, and the installation wizard loads onto the computer screen. Follow the brief set of prompts for the installation wizard to completely install the Ethernet controller driver. Depending on the driver, you may be asked to restart the computer.

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