How Do I Turn on My Gigaware Webcam?

by Blaze Johnson

The Gigaware 1.3MP Webcam features an integrated microphone, USB 2.0 connection interface and compatibility with Microsoft Windows Plug and Play. The supplied software includes Media Impression, WebCam Companion 3 and Magic-i Visual Effects. The device provides high-resolution photos of up to 5.2 megapixels (2560 by 2048), while video resolution tops out at 1.3 megapixels (1280 by 1024). Installing the supplied software on your Windows-based PC computer and operating your Gigaware 1.3MP Webcam is an easy task, taking only a few minutes to complete.

Turn on the computer and allow the operating system to fully load.

Insert the supplied software disc into the computer and run the setup program. Follow the installation prompts to install the software suite, if needed. Restart the computer when prompted.

Connect the webcam to an available USB port on the computer.

Open the Webcam Companion 3 program by double-clicking the shortcut icon, located on the Windows desktop.

Allow the program window to load. When the "Close" button appears white in color, double-click on the "Capture" option. After selecting the "Capture" option, the Webcam will initialize.

Click on the "Camera" icon to capture a picture. Click on the "Camcorder" icon to record a video. Close the program to turn off the camera, when finished.

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