How Do I Program a Vertex Radio?

by Chanel Adams

Vertex is the manufacturer for Yaesu radios. The military, construction companies and watercraft often use the Yaesu ham radios. You can program the radios with frequencies, codes, offsets, tones and one-touch selection. These radios have various channels that you can program. You will find that programming your Vertex Yaesu radio is a simple process. If you know the desired frequency, repeater shift direction, tone and power level, you can program your radio.

Rotate the dialer to select the frequency you want. Alternatively, you can enter the frequency in the radio's keypad.

Press the "Tone Mode" and "Tone Frequency." Press and hold the "MHz Set" button for a second, and turn the knob to "28 SQ TYP" (Tone Mode) setting.

Press the "MHz Set" button again and turn the dialer so that "TENC" appears on the display. Turn the "TSQ" (Tone Squelch) and choose the one you want.

Press the "MHz" button once more. Rotate the dial to "27 SQ TNF" (Tone Frequency). Press the "MHz Set" again and change the tone frequency to the one you want. Save the settings by pressing "MHz Set."

Press and hold "D/MR/WW" for a second. Rotate the dialer to choose the channel you want. Press the "D/MR/WW" again to program that channel.

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