How do I Check in Multiple Documents With Sharepoint Designer?

by John Williams

SharePoint provides users with a rather large document library that each user can customize. Part of the administrator's job is to manage these document libraries so they best suit all of the users. Having a system of checks and bounds to make sure no more than one person can have a document open can be crucial especially when it comes to protecting data. When each user uploads a document or needs to modify a document he must first check in the document in order to let anyone else modify it. Microsoft included multiple document check-in with SharePoint Designer to help speed up the process of uploading multiple documents.

Start "SharePoint Designer" by clicking "Start" and highlighting "All programs" and then select "Microsoft Office" and click on "Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer."

When "SharePoint Designer" opens click on "File" and select "Open site." On the open site dialog box in the "Site name" box type the address there as if you were navigating to your SharePoint site in a browser and click on "Open."

This will open the site through "SharePoint Designer" in a tree view which is where all of the files, folders and sites are shown in the left-hand pane. Here you will see the "Document folders" as well, double-click on the folder that holds the documents and it will open the folder contents in the large center pane.

Drill down to the specific folder that holds the files you uploaded. Next to each folder you will see a "Green arrow" pointing down, and to the right it indicates the file is checked out. If you wish to check in multiple documents at once hold down the "CTRL" key and click on each file to highlight the files.

Right-click just "One" of the highlighted files and the sub-menu will pop up, select the option that says "Check in" and it will go through file by file and check them in. Once they have been checked in the "Green arrow" that was previously there will now be gone.

If you copy a whole folder to a "SharePoint site" you can go into "SharePoint Designer" and navigate through the sites and folders to the exact folder you copied just as you did before to check in multiple files, and this time right-click the "Folder" you copied and select "Check in." Just like the multiple files, it will process and check in each file. To verify this you will need to navigate into the folder to make sure that all of the "Green arrows" are gone.

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