How do I Download XM Radio Songs?

by D. Wright

There's a lot of great content available on XM radio, but you might not always be able to listen to your favorite show when it's broadcast. The good news is that it is possible to record XM radio when you are away, so you don't need to miss anything, and can listen to your recorded content at your leisure.


Double-click on the "Replay AV" icon on your desktop after you have installed the program.


Click "File" and select "Manual Add." This will display the "Edit Show" dialog box.


Check the "Capture by Recording Audio Output" radio button. Change the "Type" to "XM Online."


Enter the XM channel you would like to record. Once entered, enter your XM Online login and password.


Enter the name of the show you are recording. Set the "Audio Recording Method." "What U Hear" will give you the best quality with the largest file size. "Wave" and "Wave Out Mix" will create a smaller file with lower quality. "Stereo Mix" will produce a still smaller file with lower quality.


Select the "Schedule" tab. Enter the time and the days on which you would like to record the show. To finalize your recording, click "OK."

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