How to Do a Difference Report in an Excel Spreadsheet

by Lawrence Stephens

Having the ability to compare the differences between two or more Excel spreadsheets can be an asset to anyone who owns a small business. There are many software programs that will automatically search for differences in two or more spreadsheets and produce a report detailing the differences. Using software to perform this task is less time consuming than manually checking line by line for differences in data recorded in different spreadsheets.


Download and install Excel Compare from Formula Software. Excel Compare software scans two or more documents and lists the differences in several categories. The report that is produced separates data into three categories: deleted, added and changed data .


Download and install Freediff from Salty Brine Software. Freediff compares the differences between files on your system. Freediff will list the differences between the two files, but will not allow you to modify or change the data. FreeDiff is a freeware program.


Download and install Compare Spreadsheets in Excel. This software will compare and list all changes and differences between different spreadsheets.

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