How to Disguise a Surveillance Camera

by Khalidah Tunkara

When security becomes an issue, using a surveillance system is an excellent way to prevent criminal activities. Certain systems are able to keep track of valuable items, monitor residential and business properties and even determine if an employee is completing the tasks that he was assigned to complete. However, there are times when a security camera must be disguised to be effective. This guide will show you how to disguise your surveillance camera for maximum security.

Decide where your camera will be positioned. A great security system disguise is only useful if it is unknown to the persons being monitored. Pick a location where the camera will not be expected.

Use a disguise that would normally be mistaken for an everyday object, such as a medium-sized recyclable trash can box. Cameras used in this instance must be small enough to blend in with the apparatus and be undetectable to anyone walking by.

Using the recyclable trash can method, place Styrofoam or some other soft items in the bottom of the can. Place the can facing the direction of your intended target area. Mount the camera within the can and on top of the Styrofoam already inside the can and position the camera lens toward the can side. Place more Styrofoam over the camera and inside the can until it nearly touches the surface of the trash can lid. Make sure that the foam does not cover the camera lens.

Cut out a small, pencil-eraser-sized hole from the side of the can so that the camera may view the outside of the can. Make sure that the hole is undetectable and does not appear contrived. Place a "Full" sign on the top of the can lid and tape the lid shut. Taping the can closed will prevent passersby from actually tossing in any bottles or other actual recyclable items. Be sure to move your spy can around every so often to avoid regular passersby from becoming suspicious of your constantly "full" recyclable can. You now have your very own "spy can" surveillance camera disguise.


  • check Be sure to use a camera that is waterproof if the camera can will be used outside or in any inclement weather. This precaution will prevent possible electrical shortages to the camera and lenses.


  • close Avoid placing the can in unlawful areas such as public restrooms, clothing changing areas within clothing stores or other legally protected areas.

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