How to Disassemble an Apple Cinema Display

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The Apple Cinema Display delivers a large and crystal clear picture to your desktop or laptop computer. Because it is one of the highest-quality monitors on the market, you may be reluctant to work on it yourself. However, if your Cinema Display is broken and you don't have the money to take it to a service technician, you can disassemble it on your own. The process may take a little effort and concentration, but you should be able to get it done relatively quickly. Just bear in mind that if your Cinema Display is under warranty, working on it yourself will void the contract.


Remove the white side panels of the Cinema Display by inserting the tip of your flat head screwdriver at the base and gently pulling up.


Pull the cable next to the power button (on the side of the Cinema Display) out. If you can't easily grip the cable, you can use the pliers to remove it.


Remove the four Torx screws from the base where it meets the monitor and then remove the big silver screws from the side of the base. Use the Allen wrenches to loosen these.


Remove the screws from the side of the monitor that secure the brackets and remove each bracket by pulling it up and out.


Remove the remaining largest screws on each side of the monitor.


Disconnect the status LCD by disconnecting the connector ribbon that is taped to the screen. Remove the tape to access the connector ribbon.


Ease the screen out of the aluminum casing gently. At this point your Apple Cinema Display will be completely apart.

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