How to Disable the Sound on a MacBook

by Emily Manthei

When it comes to computer noises, silence is golden. Mac's operating system starts up with a little chime and, although the computer doesn't make a whole lot of internal noises once it's booted up, they can be annoying. Furthermore, pop-ups on websites often provide their disconcerting sounds, making the sound of silence all the more attractive. Turn off your MacBook's sound to give yourself the peace and harmony of a noiseless computing experience.

External Application

Go to Arcana Research's website and search for "StartupSound" in the Software and Download section of the website. (see Resources.)

Download the application.

Install the program by double-clicking the download file and then the disk image.

Continue to follow the automatic installation instructions that will pop up.

Enter your user name and password to complete the installation.

Click the Apple symbol on the top left of your computer and go to System Preferences below.

Click "Startup Sound" in the menu and then the "Mute" button on the volume window that pops up.

Internal Appliaction

Open System Preferences under the Apple symbol on the top left of your screen.

Click on "Sound" in the menu to access your sound options.

Go to Output Volume and click the "Mute" button next to the volume bar.

Items you will need

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