How to Develop Basic Software

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How to Develop Basic Software. Sometimes trying to find the right software for your needs is a frustrating task. Often, it seems no program is quite right for what you need it to do. In these situations, it may be easier for you to develop basic software to meet your unique and specific needs.


Get the requirements. Once you know the software you plan to develop, the first step is to get the proper requirements. Depending on the program, this may involve purchasing various hardware and software for your computer.


Write the code. Once all the requirements are installed, the next step is to write the software code. When writing, be sure to take your time and proof your work. There are several languages you could choose from to develop your source code for basic software. "Visual Basic" is one of the easiest languages to use and has a user-friendly interface.


Find pre-written code that will help you develop basic software. Use websites like and to find pre-written code that will work with your software (see Resources below). You may need to tweak the code slightly for it to work properly. Learning the basics of a code will help you with that. Use an online tutor like (see Resources below).


Test the code. When the code is written and saved, the final step is to test the code. To do this, enter the data and run the program just as you would with any other software. If you find any glitches, write them down and go back and rewrite that part of the code.


Consider copyrighting your software. If you think your software is unique, you may want to consider copyrighting it. The copyrighting process is long and tedious, but it will protect your ideas and work from being used by someone else for financial gain.


  • check If you're going to copyright your software, you should consult a patent attorney.
  • check If you're unfamiliar with writing code, you may want to pay a professional software developer to do the writing.


  • close If you plan on doing a public test, talk to your attorney to see how you can protect your rights prior to having the software copyrighted.

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