How to Determine if you need a New Computer

by braniac

Many people will hang on to a computer because they know it or they just can't afford to buy a new one. Here are some tips to tell if your computer needs to be replaced.

You can buy a laptop computer now for as little as 500 dollars now. It used to be almost unaffordable to buy one. If you still want to hang on to the computer the first thing you will need to check is if the computer can just have a new hard drive installed in it. If you can install a new hard drive for under 100 then you probably don't need a new one and it will save you several hundred dollars.

If your computer is running slow just because you have a lot of unneeded applications and removing them is an option then you can go that route. You can check your computer on Microsoft's site to see if its just contaminated and needs cleaned up in the Microsoft site listed below in resources. If after performing the analysis and it can't be fixed then you might need a new pc.

The next thing you will want to check is to see if it can be upgraded to Vista. Soon the only thing on the market will be Vista. If you can upgrade your computer to Vista without it costing an arm and a leg then stick with your computer. Some additions can be expensive to upgrade it. Determine if your computer can handle the upgrade at snipurl listed in resources. Sometimes when you start adding new hardware if the computer can't handle it you will have a slower less efficient computer then you started with. If the computer can't handle the upgrades it is time for a new computer.

The real test is the age of your computer. Computers have a life time of about 4 years. If your computer has all the problems listed above, can't handle the hardware additions or they are pricey and it will cost more to keep adding upgrades, its time for a new computer.

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