My Dell Computer Is Running Slow

by Tyran DeWalt

Dell computers begin to run sluggishly once you install a bunch of third-party software, and run too many software programs at one time. Dell systems also come prepackaged with software applications that are not necessary. Fortunately, your Dell has numerous features that allow you to speed up that slug-like running system. You'll marvel at your Dell's performance once you fix the issues causing it to lag.

Remove Software

Press the Windows key to open the Start menu.

Type "Programs and Features" in the "Start Search" field to open "Uninstall or change a Program."

Rummage through the list of programs for software you can uninstall to free up disk space. The following are a few system applications that you do not need: Corel Paint Shop Pro URL Assistant SearchAssist NetWaiting Modem Helper Google Desktop

Stop Startup Applications

Click "Start," and type "System Configuration" into the "Start Search" field. Press "Enter."

Click the "Startup" tab. Uncheck the unnecessary programs in the list of startup items. Click "Apply" and select "OK.

Reboot your system to ensure that it runs more smoothly without the excessive software applications running.

Run Digital Defender Antivirus Free

Visit the Digital Defender website (see Resources). Click the "digital defender Antivirus Free" tab, and click "Free Download." Install, and save the "ddav.exe" setup file. Run the setup file.

Allow the files to extract. Click "Next" at the prompts. Select "Finish" to complete the installation. Open Digital Defender.

Click "Scan" to scan your hard drive for virus infections. Choose the repair option once the scan is complete. Reboot your computer system.

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