How to Delete Software on a Mac

by Stephen Ip

According to the Macworld Switchers Guide, one advantage of the Mac platform is that deleting software on a Mac is much easier than on a Windows computer. For most software titles available on the Mac, deleting the software only requires dragging a few files from the Application folder to the Trash. Since the Mac does not utilize the Registry system used by Windows for managing software, this process will not create issues resulting from corrupted Registry files.

Prepare to delete unwanted software by quitting all running applications. To quit an application, click on the name of the application in the menu bar and click "Quit." This can also be accomplished by pressing "Command" and "Q" simultaneously on the keyboard.

Open the Finder by clicking the "Finder" icon in the Dock. The Dock is the list of applications located along the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the Applications folder by clicking "Applications" in the Finder window.

Locate the software to delete within the Applications folder. Remove the software from the Applications folder by clicking on the icon for the application and dragging it to the Trash icon located in the Dock. Delete the software by emptying the Trash. To empty the Trash, right-click on the "Trash" icon and select "Empty Trash."

Remove support files for the deleted software not stored in the Application folder. Search for these files by entering the software name in the text box in the upper-right corner of the Finder window. Remove the support files listed in the Finder window after the search by dragging them to the Trash. Delete these files by emptying the Trash.


  • check Certain software, such as Microsoft Office for Mac, comes with uninstaller programs. The uninstaller program for a software title can be found in the folder for that particular title in the Application folder.
  • check AppTrap and AppZapper are two Mac software programs available for deleting software on the Mac. These programs will remove the application file and support files for software you want to delete.

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