How to Delete Pictures From a Hard Drive

by Richard Kalinowski

Digital cameras make it easier for people to shoot and store hundreds of photographs without any pricey film or duplication costs. As digital cameras are increasing in quality and decreasing in price, according to Stephen Manes' Forbes article "Digital Camera Guide," more people are exploring this new photographic trend. But to make the best use of a digital camera's convenient electronic formatting, you need to properly manage your hard drive, ensuring all those pictures don't eat up too much space. Luckily, it's easy to delete pictures you no longer need or want, freeing extra space for more photos in the future.

Open the hard drive folder containing your image files. For most PC users, this folder is labeled "My Pictures."

Select any pictures you want to delete. You can select more than one at a time by holding the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard.

Right click on any of the pictures you want to remove. This will bring up a list of options.

Click on the "Delete" option. A prompt will appear on the screen, asking "Are you sure you want to move these items to the recycling bin?" Click "Yes" to confirm the initial deletion process.

Right click on your computer's Recycling Bin, located on your desktop. The desktop is the main Windows screen.

Select "Empty Recycling Bin" to fully remove the files from your computer. Once the bin is emptied, the files are gone. If you accidentally deleted picture files you wanted to save, you can restore them to your hard drive if you have not emptied the bin. To restore a photo, right click on the Recycling Bin, click "Explore," then select the picture and click "Restore."

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