How to Delete History

by Veronica Summers is a question-and-answer website as well as a search engine. For privacy reasons you can specify that will immediately delete your search history from its servers using the AskEraser option. AskEraser deletes your search history, and also prevents any third-party advertising cookies from being placed on your computer.


Navigate to, then click the AskEraser link at the bottom of the page in the site footer. will open the AskEraser page.


Click the "Turn On AskEraser" button.


Verify that AskEraser is turned on by clicking your Brower's back button to return to the home page. Then look for the AskEraser link in the footer. Your history is no longer being saved if the AskEraser link states "On" in bold type.


  • close sends your search activity to third-party partners, such as weather and stock-quote sites, that provide you with specific search results. Using AskEraser will not disable the sending of your search results to these third parties. However, the privacy policy prevents third parties from identifying you personally via your searches.

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