How to Delete Applications on the iMac

by Elle Smith

If you've had your iMac for a while, your Applications folder has undoubtedly grown to include many utilities, downloaded add-ons and outdated versions of applications, some of which you might not even remember you have. Freeing up some hard drive space by removing these unused applications is a good idea, but if you're not sure how to get rid of them, you might leave some components of the software on your iMac. Fortunately, you can use one of the Mac's most basic housekeeping tasks to delete applications completely.

Application Uninstaller

Click on "Spotlight" in the upper-right corner of your screen. Perform a search on your iMac for uninstallers that belong to the application you want to uninstall.

Click on the uninstaller -- if one exists-- for the application you wish to delete from your iMac.

Select the application to uninstall, if it's part of a bundle, and then follow the onscreen instructions to remove it from your iMac.

Trash Your Apps

Control-click or right-click on the icon for the application you want to delete. If you see an option that says "Show Package Contents," your application is a bundle.

Drag the icon to the Trash. Alternatively, Control-click or right-click on the application's icon to open the pop-up menu. Select "Move to Trash."

Empty the Trash.


  • check Additional preference and support files for each trashed application may still reside on your computer after you have emptied the trash. You can delete these files easily and safely, if necessary, but because they do not take up much disk space, you may not want to bother. These files are stored in the "Preferences" or "Application Support" folder in your user account's "Library" folder. Additional files may be stored in the root-level "Library" folder. You may move these auxiliary files to the Trash.


  • close If the Trash will not empty, you may have to force it. Hold down the "Option" key while clicking on the Trash icon and then select "Empty Trash" from the context menu that appears.

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