Creating a Flow Chart in Powerpoint

by LaTasha Favors

The Basics

Presentations that show steps or instructions become more effective with flow charts as visual aids. Many find it daunting to play with PowerPoint presentations, not knowing that it's the best tool for the job. Once you learn the fundamentals of PowerPoint, creating flow charts becomes an easy task. Start to make the flow chart by opening PowerPoint. Right click on the Slides tab, then choose New Slide. To help you in drawing the objects, proceed to View menu and click on Grid and Guides. A window will pop up. Tick "Display grid on screen" so that grids will show in the slide. Click OK to close the window.

Drawing the Flow Chart Objects

You can now begin to make the objects or boxes for the Flow Chart. At the bottom left part of the PowerPoint window, click on AutoShapes, then pick any of the choices from the Flow Chart selection. Make adjustments to the object by dragging the sizing handles from any corner. You can now write text inside. Right click the object, then choose "Add Text." Draw more objects according to the number of data you are presenting. Mix up different objects to make the Flow Chart more creative.

Connecting the Dots

To make the flow chart appear more like a chart, connect the objects. Click on AutoShapes again and choose from any of the arrows in the Connectors selection. Using connectors rather than lines is recommended, as they are easier to manage. If you delete the objects, you'll find that the connectors are still intact.

Final Touches

If you are still not satisfied with the look of the flow chart, you can add colors or edit the size of the connectors. Choose the Format Auto Shapes menu to do this. For Progressive Flow Charts, create multiple slides of your data, then in the end, click on Slide Transition from the Slide Show menu. Adjust the sequence of the slides with the Advance Slide option. Select the time to elapse in between slides in the field that follows. Click "Apply to all Slides," then press F5 to view your finished flow chart.

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