How To Create a Thumbnail

by J.N. Paquet

The best way to prevent your website from loading slowly, when there are a lot of pictures to display, is to use thumbnails instead. This is a convenient way to keep your Web pages flowing, and you can always link the thumbnails to the original pictures for your visitors to see. To create thumbnails, you first need a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint or Irfan View.

Open the photo editing program on your computer.

Click on "File" in the menu, then "Open". Choose the picture you want to create a thumbnail from, then click on the "Open" button.

Click on "Image" then "Resize" or "Resample" in order to resize the picture from the original size to the thumbnail one. When the window opens, you will be given the choice of either resizing the picture by height-width or percentage. Choose what best suits your need and then confirm your selection.

Save your newly created thumbnail using the "Save as" option in the menu, so that the original picture remains untouched. Save it with a new name and the format you want. For example, if the original picture was "picture.jpg", then you could save the new picture as "picture_thumbnail.jpg".


  • close The thumbnail picture will certainly lack in quality. This happens because the original is being resized.

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