How to Create a Syllabus Template

by Emmanuelle Douglas

When creating a syllabus for your classes, make sure you establish your expectations and goals within this important document. This document will make the first impression on your students and they will use it as a guide for the remainder of the course. Make sure you cover basics like the location, class name, time and duration of the course. Also, include a code of conduct, deadlines, class resources and grading scale. The syllabus should be easy-to-follow, organized and understandable.


Start your syllabus with an overview of the course. This will include course title, course description, credit hours, prerequisites, co-requisites, and the course purpose.


Add instructor information. Include basic information like the instructor name, instructor office location, and office hours. It is essential to include different ways that the student can get in contact with you. Include your email and other ways that the student can contact you.


Add a detailed course outline that tells students what they will gain from this course. Include the course content and how they will be assessed and graded in this course. Include the course content, assignments, and due dates for assignments and projects.


Break down your grading schedule for the class. Inform them about the graded assignment and projects. Display the percentage for each graded item and how it will impact their final grade.


List the required textbooks, equipment, supplies and tools they will need for the course.


Specify your class policies and expectation for your class. Include the following policies: attendance, class withdrawal, academic integrity, special needs services, cell phone, social media and academic dishonesty. These policies need to be specified upfront so no surprises occur during the course.


Add support services offered for your class. This includes tutoring, library services, online resources, lab hours and other learning resources.

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