How to Create a Spreadsheet Using Google Docs

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Google Docs offers a free way to easily create any type of spreadsheet. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, or are on a computer that doesn't have Excel, use Google Docs to create your spreadsheet. Google Docs allows you to save the document online and share it with others.


Visit the Google Docs website. Study the home page and familiarize yourself with the many options you have.


Click the "Create" button and select "Spreadsheet." An unsaved blank spreadsheet will appear.


Review the blank spreadsheet. Your columns go horizontally across the page and are lettered A, B, C and so on. Your rows go vertically up and down the page and are numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. Design your spreadsheet anyway you desire.


Use the menu for more editing options.


Save the spreadsheet. If you don't save it right away, you will be prompted to rename the file. Google Docs allows you to select autosave, in case you forget to save while working.

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