How to Create a Schedule in Excel

by Tiesha Whatley

Microsoft Office Excel is a great tool for keeping track of many different things. Keeping and maintaining a daily schedule is a way to keep organized. Effective planning is the way to make sure that all the little things are done on time. You can create and keep a schedule in Excel that will help you with your planning and organization.


Start a new workbook. You can do this by simply opening Microsoft Office Excel. If you already have the application open, click on "File" and then "New" in earlier versions of Excel or the Microsoft Office Button and then "New" in Excel 2007.


Set the page orientation to Landscape. In Excel 2007, click on the "Page Layout" tab. Click the drop-down arrow next to "Orientation," and choose "Landscape." In earlier versions of Excel, click "File" and then "Page Setup"; choose "Landscape" under the "Page Layout" heading. Set the margins to 0.75 on all sides--top, bottom, left and right.


Set up the worksheet title line. Select cells A1 through H1, and click on the "Merge & Center" button on the toolbar. (This button looks like a lowercase "a" with arrows on each side.) Type anything you want in the merged cells. For instance, if this is just a basic schedule for you, you can type "My Schedule" or "John's Weekly Schedule."


Set up the columns. Select cells B2 and B3, and then click on "Merge & Center". Do the same for C2 and C3, and to all the other columns until you get to H2 and H3. In the merged B2 and B3 column, type the column header as "Monday." Continue with the other columns, typing the days of the week until you get to H2 and H3 with "Sunday."


Set up the rows. Select cells A4 and A5, and click "Merge & Center." Select A6 and A7, and click "Merge & Center." Continue this down to A23, merging two cells at a time. Add the row headers as "8:00 AM," "9:00 AM," "10:00 AM" and so forth until you get to "5:00 AM." If your day begins before 8:00 a.m. and ends after 5:00 p.m., you can always adjust the schedule to your time.


Select the cells A2 through H34, and add a single black border around the cells. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the border button (the button in the toolbar that looks like a single black line), and choose the "All Borders" border style. This will keep your schedule neat and contained. You are now ready to add your schedule information.


  • check You can add dates to the top of the page or in the column headers to keep organized.
  • check You can copy the schedule on this sheet onto other sheets as the weeks pass to continue keeping your weekly schedule without erasing the old one.
  • check The Microsoft Office website has many premade schedules that you can download and use.

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