How to Create a Photo Book With iPhoto

by Contributor

You're tired of displaying old magazines on the coffee table. Give people something really interesting to look at instead--a book that's filled with photographs you took. Creating something like that is possible with your trusty Macintosh and iPhoto. Here's how.

Open the iPhoto application on your Macintosh.

Find the "+" button in the lower left corner of the iPhoto window, and click on it. A small window slides down from the top.

Point your mouse to the drop-down menu where it reads "Album" next to the word "New." There will be a number of options available in the drop-down menu. Select the option "Book."

Type a title for the iPhoto book into the field next to "Name." Give the book a memorable name so you know what it's for.

Click the "Create" button. A new window will now slide down with a selection of themes for the layout and appearance of the book.

Decide on the theme you want for the book, and select it by clicking on it once. IPhoto offers a number of different themes to help provide an individualized feel to each photo book.

Select the "Choose Theme" button. If you haven't selected photos for the book yet, a message will pop up saying "No Photos Selected for Book." To add the entire contents of the library or album you are currently working on, click the "Add Now" button. If you wish to select photos later, click the "Add Later" button. IPhoto then takes you to the cover of the photo book, and you can start adding photos immediately.


  • check Once you have created the photo book, adding photos to it is simple. Just drag and drop the photos onto the pages.