How to Create Icons for Email

by Ezmeralda Lee

When you leave your email ID on any blog, forum or any other virtual public place, spammers can pick up your email and inundate you with annoying emails. This is where an email icon comes in handy. The custom email icon would ensure that you stay protected from any such threats. People can see your address by clicking on the icon you create, while the bots would not be able to pick it up any longer. Read on to learn how to create icons for email.

Choose an icon that you would want to use. This could be absolutely anything on earth. You could create one yourself, copy it from clipart, download it, you name it. Do whatever it takes to get a ready made image to use as an icon. For those who want to be helped along in this task, run a search on the Net for free email icon generator. Of course, there are paid websites also, if you so desire, but you should start with the free one until you get some kind of experience using this service.

Save the icon you have created on your desktop for easy access.

Open the website, forum or blog where you want to leave your message. Type in your message and upload your icon. The trick here is that you should upload your icon onto the message, not to copy and paste it, as copying and pasting the icon will not work. You also do not want to link it, if you link the icon it can still be read by bots and your effort would be in vain.

Ensure that your icon works. Close the forum, blog, website where you just uploaded your icon and then open it again. Now, try and click on it to see whether it functions correctly. In case it does not, repeat Step 3 paying close attention to the uploading process. Try it again. Stop only when you find it works, as you want it to work.

Change the free email icon provider/ designer a couple of time until you find one that suits your requirements best. Once you are familiar with the process, and you feel you want more than free services; you could go for paid icon providers to enjoy more facilities.


  • check Try having a link from the icon to a default email program. This would involve just a little more effort, but the result is worth the trouble
  • check Always try the icon to see whether it works. Many people loose valuable business links and contacts because their icons do not work, and people are unable to get in touch with them.


  • close Remember, linking the icon would still leave wide open to the bots.

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