How to Create an FTP Dropbox

by Joshua Laud

A dropbox is a term associated with cloud computing where you can add files remotely to a server. If you want to create your own FTP dropbox, then you can use the inbuilt Internet Information Services Manager to set it up. This means that if you are at a friend's house or on a work computer, you can connect to your home computer via FTP and upload documents, multimedia or anything else that you want to store there.


Click "Start," and then "Control Panel," and then "Programs." Click "Turn Windows features on or off."


Expand the "Internet Information Services" check list and enable "FTP Server." Press "Enter" to enable the service. This may take a few minutes to install.


Click "Back" in the "Programs" window and then double-click "Administrative Tools."


Double-click "IIS Manager." Right-click the "Server" option and click "Add FTP Site." Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your FTP dropbox.

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