How to Create a Catalog in Dreamweaver

by Carl Hose

Dreamweaver is a web development application originally developed by Macromedia and acquired by Adobe in 2005. Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web page design tool that works in much the same way as a word processor, enabling users to design and develop web pages without any special coding knowledge. Dreamweaver always has, and still does, lead the pack in web design software. The powerful features in the software make it easy to design professional web pages, rich in multimedia content, and many business users have developed online stores with the software. Learn how you can create catalogs in Dreamweaver that will showcase your products and give your online store a professional presence.

Open Dreamweaver and on the "File" menu choose the "New" command. Dreamweaver will present you with a dialogue box that will ask for server and file setup information. You will need to choose the folder where you want to save the files you create in Dreamweaver as well as the location of the server where the files will be uploaded. The server information you need is available from your web host. Once this information is complete, Dreamweaver presents you with a template dialogue box.

Select a template option from the template dialogue box. Dreamweaver offers several catalog templates to choose from. Clicking on any of the templates will bring it up for you to examine. Look at all of them and determine which one fits your needs. If none of them is quite what you need, choose the closest and modify it. You can easily delete sections of the template or add sections of the template by using the Modify menu.

Replace the Dreamweaver template text with your own text. This will be information about your products, including product descriptions and pricing.

Add pictures of your products to your catalog by using the Insert menu. Dreamweaver allows you to set the display size of the graphic and easily create links to full-size versions.

Upload your catalog to your web host using Dreamweaver's built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) feature. Your web catalog will dispplay on your website just as you created it.

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