How to Create a Business Website With a Shopping Cart

by Damica Brownswood

Owning a business website with a shopping cart is a great way to maximize your profit. This type of website is called an electronic commerce or ecommerce website. The term refers to any business or commercial transaction that takes place over the Internet. While there are several different types of website-building and shopping-cart software available, you can save time and money by purchasing a ecommerce website template. With an ecommerce website template, you can choose to have your template customized or purchase and use the template as is.

Shopping Cart

Register your domain name. You may register your domain name through various sites like Yahoo, Godaddy and many more. Choose a name that represents your company but is easy and short enough for customers to remember. You may also purchase multiple domain names that navigate back to one site. This is a great tool to help customers find your site when they are unsure of the actual address. For example, may want to also purchase

Choose your hosting plan. Hosting is what makes your website accessible via World Wide Web. Basically, you are renting web space. Several website-hosting plans are available depending on the amount of information you want to display on your website. Choose a hosting plan that supports website shopping carts.

Select a website template. Search for ecommerce website templates and select a template that best represents your business. Templates Box has been providing professional website templates since 2002. Once you purchase a template, you will have the option to have your site customized or you can choose to do it yourself. Having your site customized will cost extra money.

Customize your website. Enter your business content and set up your shopping cart. When using a template, simply upload the items you wish to sell and price your items accordingly. You will have the option to link your shopping cart to a PayPal or credit-card account.

Upload your completed website to your hosting server.


  • check Make sure your website template supports everything you wish to include in your website. Unless you are paying extra to have your website customized, the template will come with very little room for alterations.

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