How to Create Avery Spice Labels

by Monica Patrick

Spice labels help chefs find the herbs they need quickly, but finding a set of premade labels that matches your pantry contents may be challenging. When you have specialty spices that are not widely used, this search may even be more difficult. Create your own labels customizing them with your spice names using font styles you like best. Whether making labels for your own herb drawer or as a gift for someone else, spice labels make an attractive personal touch in the kitchen. Use labels, like Avery labels to make these stickers at home.

Make a list of spices you want to include in your labels. Jot down the spice names on a note pad so you do not forget any.

Open your word processor. Select the “Labels” option from the top toolbar on the page. In some word processors, this may appear under “Page Layout.”

Select the font you want to use. Access the font selection by clicking on the tab that reads, “Font.” Skip fonts that are hard to read.

Pick a size for your font that is readable but not too large. Font sizes like 12 point or 14 point are ideal.

Move your cursor over the first label on the page. Type in the herb or spice name. Capitalize the first letter or write the whole word in capital letters.

Tab over to the next label and type in the next spice on your list. Type the list in to the Avery template.

Save the file using a name you will remember easily.

Slide in one or two sheets of label paper. Circular labels that are 1 1/2 inch wide, like Avery 8293, are a good fit for spice jars.

Check the printing orientation before you print on your sticker sheet. You can do this by drawing an arrow on a page and test printing it. If the arrow comes out on the same side as the text, insert the sticker sheet the same way. If not, flip the sticker or label sheet over.

Print one copy of the labels. Review the printed sheet for text spacing and misspellings.

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