Cool Things to Do on Your MacBook Pro

by Noel Shankel

First introduced in 2006, the MacBook Pro is a portable computer that allows you to do a series of cool things, from surfing the Web, to recording video, to playing video games. The MacBook Pro replaced the PowerBook G4, and offers a variety of applications and features not found on that device. Understanding all the cool things a MacBook Pro can do will help you figure out if it's cool enough to own.

The Camera Within

The MacBook Pro comes standard with a HD quality camera built directly into it, allowing you to place video calls to anyone who owns a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 4, an iPod touch or any type of Mac computer that utilizes Intel base technology. This feature -- unlike traditional phone calling -- allows you to physically see the person you are speaking with, which can make for a more interesting and personal conversation. You can also use the HD camera to record HD quality video, turning your MacBook Pro into a portable video camera. With the right editing software installed, you can record and edit your own movies using just a MacBook Pro.

Wasting Time

The MacBook Pro comes with a built in accelerometer, which allows for motion sensor technology. One such way to use this is by downloading the LiquidMac application. Once downloaded and launched, your Mac will create the illusion of liquid resting at the bottom of the screen. Tilt your MacBook to the left, and the liquid will move left. Tilt it right, and it will move right. This application does nothing more, but it does create a cool effect. This technology can also be used for gaming. For example, if you are playing a racing game, you can hold your Mac as if it were a steering wheel. To turn left or right, simply tilt your MacBook Pro left or right.

Time To Jam

If you enjoy playing the guitar but cannot afford a collection of amps and foot pedals, the MacBook Pro has you covered. Simply take your electrical guitar -- or bass -- and plug it directly into the MacBook Pro. Using the GarageBand application, you can choose from a selection of amps and foot pedal effects to tweak the sound of your guitar as you pluck away on an epic solo. Or, use GarageBand to lay down a track -- or beat -- that you can play over. Your recording sessions will be recorded onto your MacBook, which you can then edit as you see fit.

Going Wireless And Applications

A major benefit to any type of laptop computer is being able to take the Internet with you wherever you roam, and the MacBook Pro makes this an easy task. Simply click on the AirPort icon and the MacBook Pro will display a list of all available network connections in your area. Once you're connected, you can do anything that you can do with your Internet connection at home. The Mac App Store allows you to download and install the latest available applications with the click of a button. You can search for applications by category, or type in a specific application you are looking for. Your MacBook Pro will alert you when updates are available for any application you install. To visit and purchase items from the Mac App Store, use your iTunes password.

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