How to Makes Cool Text With HTML Codes

by Foye Robinson

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) codes enable you to create and edit the content of a Web page. You can change the background of your text or use scrolling text (marquee) to create cool text for your website. The scrolling text can move in any direction you desire. Thanks to special HTML tags, you can also add characters or shapes to your text. You can find these tags on the Internet, play with them, and create the effect you want.

Using Marquees

Add the following code into the HTML file where you want the text to appear, between the <BODY> tag: <marquee direction="right">Cool Text</marquee>

Replace "Cool Text" with the words you want to use, or change the direction of your marquee from "right" to "left," "down" or "up."

Add the following code to change the marquee's text to red, background color to yellow, and add a solid, red border around it: <marquee direction="left" style="color:red; background-color:yellow; border:2px solid; padding:2px;">Cool Text</marquee>

Using Styles

Add the following code into your HTML file where you want the text to appear, between the <BODY> tags. It will produce red text with a yellow background and a red, dashed border. <span style="color:red; background-color:yellow; border:5px dashed; padding:2px;">Cool Text</span>

Add the following code to create a blinking text with a yellow background and dotted border: <span style="text-decoration:blink; background-color:yellow; border:5px dotted; padding:2px">Cool Text</span>

Change the style and text to your preference.

Using Special HTML Codes

Add the following code to your HTML file between the <BODY> tags to create a musical note with your text: <h1>♪ <font color="red">Listen to Our Song</font> ♪</h1>

Use the "♥" code to add red hearts to your text, as follows: <font color="red">♥♥♥ Missing You!! ♥♥♥</font>

Change the text and style to your preference.


  • check You may use hexadecimal color codes (a mixture of red, blue and green) to specify your HTML colors instead. Each begins with the pound (#) sign. The six basic hexadecimal color codes are:
  • check #FFFFFF (for white), #000000 (for black), #FF0000 (for red), #00FF00 (green), #0000FF (for blue), #00FFFF (for aqua), #FFFF00 (for yellow), #FF00FF (for fuchsia) and #C0C0C0 (for gray).
  • check You can add more color combinations to the mix.


  • close "Text-decoration:blink;" may not work in older web browsers.

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