How to Convert PCD

by George Garza

The PCD file format is the result of collaboration between Intel and Kodak. PCD or Photo CD is a high-resolution format that contains five different resolutions of a slide or film negative. Typically, the files are between four and six MB in size. Because of the variety of dimensions and color depth, graphics professionals and photographers often use PDC. The PCD format is easy to work with and is good at encoding and storing authentic color information.

Convert PCD Using Image Converter Plus

Download and install the Image Converter Plus software. Accept the defaults.

Open windows Explorer. Select the PCD image that you want to convert.

Open the Context Menu. Select Convert in the submenu.

Click the "Custom convert" option. Select "JPG" as the target format.

Click to select the option to "Save image in JPG format." If you need additional JPG settings like IPTC or EXIF, they are available here as well. These last two formats are present when creating photos using digital photo cameras.

Click "start" to begin the conversion process.

Convert PCD Using PcdToJpeg Softwae

Download and install PcdToJpeg. Accept the Defaults. Users should note that PCD is a command line utility.

Locate the folder where the PCD files are located. Click "Start." To open the Command Line Window, type "cmd". A black windows will appear on the screen where you must enter the commands.

Go to the folder where the PCD files are located.

Type the following command: "pcdtojpeg file1 [file2]" Where file1 is the pcd file and file2 is the jpeg file that will be created. Do not type the brackets. For example if the file name is Rak.pcd and the converted file name is Rak.jpeg, then the command is "PcdTJpeg Rak.pdc Rak.jpg". The conversion will begin.


  • close PcdToJpeg is very fast, but if users are not comfortable with the command line setting, they should use the other program.
  • close Note that ImageConverterPlus charges a license fee. PcdToJpeg is freeware.

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