How to Convert .Bc to MP3

by Eric Blankenburg

A file with the ending .bc is usually a file downloaded from BitComet, the P2P file-sharing network. Files occur with this extension because they have not been fully downloaded, were stopped by the user during the download or were corrupted from the beginning. Most personal computers cannot open these files, as they are incomplete, but conversion software can open these files to play in an MP3 player.



Try to download the file from the file-sharing network. Most .bc files are already in an MP3 format but have not finished downloading properly.


If the file finishes downloading and still brings up the .bc file extension, right-click on the file and choose “Open With,” from the menu. From the menu of applications, run the file in a few other programs to see if you can open it that way.


If the file still won’t open, download one of the many free file-conversion software programs found on the Internet.


Open the file-conversion software program. Then, either drag and drop the .bc file into the “Files to Convert,” menu or select “File,” and then click “Add Files,” to locate the .bc file from your hard drive.


Go to the “Output Format” menu and select MP3. Then, from the “Destination,” or “Output” menu, select the folder on your hard drive where the new file will be saved.


Click “Convert File,” and within a few minutes a dialogue box should appear telling you the file has been successfully converted, so you can then open it in your MP3 player.


  • check If file still won't open, it is most likely corrupted or unavailable and can not be opened by any program.


  • close Unknown .bc files may contain viruses or other bugs that may damage your computer.

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