Completely Free Ways to Fix Windows Errors

by Richard May

Windows is a sophisticated operating system designed to make using your computer as simple as possible. When things go wrong, it can require extensive trouble shooting skills to get to the root of the problem. Using free utilities included with Windows and tools available on the Internet, non-technical users can fix a wide range of Windows errors quickly.

Windows Update

Microsoft regularly releases updates to its Windows operating systems to address newly discovered issues that may affect the security or stability of your computer. Ensure that Windows 7 is configured to automatically check for these updates by navigating to the Microsoft Update web page. On-screen instructions will guide you through activating automatic updates.

Disk Error Checking

Windows comes installed with software utilities that you can use to check for and fix errors on your system's hard disk. Use the Error Checking tool to detect and attempt to fix problems, such as bad sectors and file system problems. The utility can be found on the "Tools" page in the "Properties" window for your hard disk.


Some Windows errors are caused by viruses and malicious software, called malware, that can be installed on your system without your knowledge. Download a free Internet security suite that will detect any current infection and attempt to remove it. Once installed, these security applications will defend against viruses, spyware and malware from infecting your system. AVG Free, Ad-Aware and Avast! are just three examples of free, effective applications that can protect your system.

Registry Cleaner

If the Windows registry contains errors, you may see error messages reporting missing files or experience problems starting and shutting down your computer. There are a number of free registry scanners that detect and fix registry problems. There are, however, many fake registry scanners that contain spyware or detect errors, then demand a fee before fixing them. Eusing, Auslogics and CCleaner are all free utilities that can check and fix errors in the Windows registry.

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