Comparison of WinDev and VB.NET

by Andrew Tennyson

VB.NET and WinDev are object-oriented computer programming environments developed by Microsoft and PC Soft, respectively. Both programming environments are optimized for use on computers running versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Though they have similar intended uses, VB.NET and WinDev differ somewhat in terms of programming languages and available versions.


Both VB.NET and WinDev are designed for the rapid creation of data-heavy applications. They involve compiled code databases and integrated run-time frameworks, which together allow applications to be created quickly and run independent of the computer’s operating system. These features make it easier and quicker to compile programs and test them. Though VB.NET and WinDev are designed primarily to be used on Windows computers, versions of VB.NET are available for Mac iOS, Linux, OS X, Android and Solaris as well.


VB.NET is a slightly modified version of Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language implemented on the company’s .NET Framework. VB.NET and Visual Basic are only marginally different. For example, VB.NET automatically implements Class and End Class statements. It also uses slightly different default names for command buttons. WinDev makes use of PC Soft’s fourth-generation W Language programming language, also referred to as W and WLanguage. Like VB.NET, W offers programmers a compiled precoded set of commonly used algorithms and forms that they can cut and paste into programs to speed up the development process. WinDev can be used to design and compile Java applications as well as applications for use on Microsoft's .NET Framework.


Microsoft sells two versions of VB.NET as of February 2012: Visual Basic Express Edition 2010 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The former is a free application, while the latter is paid. WinDev is a paid application with several different licensing options. Prices vary depending on the features you want and the location of purchase. For U.S. customers, prices for more basic versions of WinDev start around $1,300, while advanced versions run as high as $2,700.

Additional Information

Versions of VB.NET are available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. WinDev is available in English, Spanish and French. PC Soft also sells versions of WinDev specifically for Web program and mobile-device program development. These versions are called WebDev and WinDev Mobile, respectively.

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