How to Clean Riskware from a Computer

by Jay Darrington

Unlike malware or spyware, riskware is typically a legitimate program that has a flaw or exposure that would allow a hacker or a virus to exploit a computer for their own ends, such as sending spam email or destroying a computer. Fortunately, you can easily identify and clean out any riskware that may be on your computer.

Use a virus scanner to find programs that are deemed riskware. One scanner capable of doing this is Kapersky Anti-Virus (see Resources for link to download).

Make note of each program that the virus scanner identifies.

Go to the websites for each program identified, and see if they have a patch or update that fixes the problem. If they do, download and install the patch. If there isn't a patch, continue to step 4.

Uninstall the affected software. You may either use the software's uninstaller, or the Windows uninstaller located in the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the Control Panel.


  • check Most software companies take being labeled as riskware seriously. If there isn't a patch or update available initially, chances are it's on the way. Contact your software maker for more information.


  • close Research how bad the riskware is. If the risk isn't enough for you to stop using a program, it may not be important enough to remove it, especially if it's a program you use frequently.

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