How to Clean Electrical Cables

by Perry Piekarski

Cleaning electrical cables is a simple task, taking seconds to complete. It's perfectly safe so long as you take the proper precautions.

Cleaning Electrical Cables

Unplug the appliance or device so that you do not risk getting a shock when cleaning the cables. Make sure the device is powered off completely before unplugging.

Gently grip the cable with the damp cloth. Slide the cable through from end to end until clean.

Using the dry cloth, dry the cable in a manner similar to Step 2, gently sliding the cable through the cloth until dry.

After you are sure the cable is completely dry, plug it back into the outlet.

You can now use your appliance or device just like before.


  • check Be sure to check the cable for damage before plugging it in again. Damaged cables should be tended to immediately to avoid hazard. When cleaning cables, take the opportunity to clean the entire appliance or device, too, while it's still unplugged.


  • close Never clean electrical cables while they're connected to a power source. This can be hazardous, especially if the cables are damaged.

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