How to Choose a Laptop for Grade Schoolers

by Amy Brantley

It almost seems unbelievable, but some grade schoolers in grades 1 - 6, or children age 5 to 9, need laptops. Laptops not only make it easier to get schoolwork done, but it also allows grade schoolers to take their work with them. How do you choose a laptop for a grade schooler? How much power do they need? After all, this is a big purchase and you want to make sure you choose a good model. Don’t worry. The following steps will help you choose a laptop for grade schoolers.

Check the school’s requirements. Before you begin looking at different laptops, get a list of requirements from the school. This will tell you not only the specifications needed, but it will also tell you which operating system the school uses.

Select a model that can handle simple programs. Obviously you want to select a machine that can handle a grade schooler’s homework, but you also want to limit game play. This means you should choose a model that focuses more on word processing capabilities and less on fancy video cards. One thing that will be needed is a DVD burner. This will allow grade schoolers to save large project files to be turned in.

Make sure it comes with a good warranty. Grade schoolers can be a bit careless. A good warranty will cover the cost if the laptop is damaged. This means that should your grade schooler drop the laptop, the company will fix or replace the machine.

Choose a laptop that is lightweight. Grade schoolers already have to carry heavy books. A laptop that weighs close over 5 pounds will add too much weight. There are several light weight models to choose from. Take time to visit a local electronics store and test the weight of various models.

Look for laptops bundled with much needed software. There are basic software titles that will be useful to any grade schooler. For example, every grade schooler will need a word processing program. It also wouldn’t hurt to choose a model that comes bundled with an encyclopedia. More importantly, parents should choose a laptop that includes parental control software. This software will allow you to block certain sites and certain content.

Purchase a model that’s easy to upgrade. If you want your grade schooler to be able to take their laptop for many years to come, make sure it’s upgradeable. As time goes on, software titles will require more resources. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a laptop that can handle extra RAM and a bigger hard drive.


  • check Leave the kids at home when you go shopping. Kids will be more concerned with look and game playing ability than what’s needed for school.
  • check A warranty can be pricey, but it’s less expensive than replacing a laptop.
  • check Unless wireless access is needed for school, it's best to setup an area for your children to access the internet. This allows you to better supervise the sites they visit.


  • close Limiting and supervising a child's access to chat rooms, even child-friendly chat rooms is a must. Sexual predators use these sites as a way to gain access to children.
  • close Supervising your child's internet use is a must. Many website, including chat rooms, are limited to people that are 18 or older, but children can easily access many of these sites.

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