How to Check RAM Memory on a MacBook

by Elle Smith

If your MacBook is running slowly, you may need to add more RAM. If you're curious about how much RAM is installed in your MacBook, or who the manufacturer is or your serial number, you can find the answer easily. You can also check out information on your hard drive, graphics display information, networking, Bluetooth and every other tidbit pertaining to your Mac in one location called the "System Profiler."


Click on the Apple menu from the MacBook desktop.


Scroll down to "About This Mac," then click.


Read the "About This Mac" screen that pops up. Your RAM is listed next to "Memory" under the "Processor" information, such as "4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM."


Click on the "More Info" button at the bottom of the window. Note the "Contents" pane to the left side of the window. Click on the drill-down arrow next to "Hardware." Click on "Memory." The upper pane on the right lists the memory slots, size, type and speed of your RAM. The lower pane on the right lists the size, type, speed, status, manufacturer, part number and serial number of your RAM.


Close the window to exit.

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