How to Check All the Ports on Your PC

by Stephen Lilley

The term "ports" in computer terms describes the small inputs that you plug devices into on the case of your personal computer. These can include USB inputs, printer inputs, video inputs and any other kind of plug that connects directly to an external device. If you want to check to see if any of the ports on your computer are malfunctioning, you have to look no farther than Microsoft's own built-in Device Manager.

Right click on the "My Computer" icon on your Windows desktop. A drop down menu with several options will appear. Select the one at the bottom of the menu that reads "Properties."

Click on the tab in the "Properties" window that reads "Hardware." From this tab, select the button that reads "Device Manager."

Look over the data you are being presented with by the Device Manager. This window will list all of the hardware that is currently connected to your computer, as well as a list of your various ports and inputs. If any listing has a yellow circle with a black exclamation mark next to it, that means that the device is malfunctioning in some way. You can click on it and allow Windows to help you troubleshoot it and get to the source of the problem. If no such yellow circle with a black exclamation mark is shown, then your ports and various hardware devices are functioning perfectly as normal and there is no need for concern.


  • check If all of your ports are listed as functioning in the Device Manager but a piece of hardware you are attempting to connect to your computer isn't working, the problem does not lie with your computer but with the device itself. Use the instruction manual that came with the device to try to troubleshoot it and get it working the proper way.


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