Charter Self Installation of High-Speed Internet

by Gwen Wark

Charter high speed Internet access is available to both new and existing Charter cable customers. Existing subscribers to Charter Cable can order a self-installation kit that will allow them to begin using the high speed cable broadband service after a simple, 30-minute install process. The installation kit includes all of the products needed to complete the installation and start using a high speed internet connection.


Contact Charter Cable (888-438-2427) to add high speed Internet access to your existing account. Only existing subscribers can install this service using the self-install kit; new subscribers will need to schedule a technician to visit and install the service.


Disconnect your cable box from the coaxial cable. Connect the coaxial cable splitter to the end of the cable, then run a new coaxial cable to the cable modem and to the cable box.


Connect the cable modem to the A/C adapter, then plug the adapter into a wall socket. Turn on the cable modem--Charter uses several types of cable modem, so refer to the literature included with your self installation kit for the specific brand of modem.


Connect your computer to the modem using the ethernet cable. Insert the self-installation CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive and follow the prompts to install the Charter software. Your Internet connection is now ready to use.

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