How to Charge My Mac Laptop Overseas

by K.C. Winslow

When traveling overseas with electronic devices, familiarizing yourself with the converters and adapters that you will need in advance can save needless headaches. The alternating current (AC) power that comes out of wall outlets has different voltages depending on the country. The power cords also tend to have have plugs that are shaped differently than what is common to North America. Without the proper accessories, electronic devices may not work, or they may be damaged. Apple laptops such as the Macbook and the Macbook Pro are designed with overseas functionality in mind.


Slide the male plug end of your Mac laptop AC power cord into the foreign adapter plug. The male end of a plug is the one with the prongs. Because the entire line of portable Macintosh devices includes an AC adapter that is dual-voltage ready, you will not need to use a converter.


Plug the power adapter into the Mac laptop.


Plug the male end of the foreign adapter plug into the wall outlet. The computer will now register that the battery is charging.


  • check You can purchase laptop travel kits designed for Mac laptops that contain adapters suitable for most of the countries in the world. You can also simply purchase a basic adapter for the country to which you are visiting.

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