How to Change the Language in Photoscape

by Daniel Hatter

Photoscape is a freeware photo-editing program with numerous useful features. With Photoscape you can change the names of photos in batch mode (more than one at a time), combine and split photos, and enhance photos, just to name a few of the features. The default installation language of Photoscape is English, but free language packs are available for download from the Photoscape Website.


Visit the Photoscape Translate Webpage, and click to download the desired language pack for Photoscape. Among your options will be Korean, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.


Go to the Start menu, click "Computer," select "Local Disk (C:)," double-click "Program Files," and then double-click "Photoscape."


Click and drag the language file into the Photoscape folder to move it there, then open the Photoscape program.


Click the "Language" button and select the desired language from the list of options to begin using it.


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